Vin Santo (or Vinsanto) is a type of dessert wine. This traditional Tuscan wine is a sweet wine from Malvasìa and Trebbiano grapes. It is accompanied by cantucci, typical Tuscan biscuits. The harvest takes place at the end of September or October. We select the best bunches, then we proceed with the drying and the bunches are hung from the ceiling and left at a cool temperature for about 3 months. In December before Christmas, hence the name Vin Santo, it is vinified by pressing the grapes and then the must is placed into casks made of chestnut wood or cypress wood called “Caratelli”, and sealed. The Vinsanto rests for at least 5 years, normally in a well aired room, where it is subject to continuous temperature changes that favour the formation of the typical aromas and flavours of the sweet Vin Santo, thanks to its natural sugar content.

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